Friday, December 23, 2011

can smile again ;)

after the whole day in Klinik gomen and hospital
now I can simle again
since everything is fine with my pregnancy
1st I went to register myself at klinik Ibu & Anak, Kg. Pandan
as that the nearest government clinic dengan my parent house
its take about 2 hours to settle everything
I told doc bout the incident (bleeding but in small portion je)
and doc nasihat jumpa gynea kat Hospital Ampang 
while waiting, of course la cramp punggung duk lelama
then decided to take fresh air outside
while outside
aku terbaca papan kenyataan yang terletak di bahagian pintu masuk
kes-kes/penyakit yang tak perlu ke bahagian Kecemasan & Trauma
termasuklah demam, batuk, pening, sakit mata and penyakit yang tidak serious
but mungkin most of pesakit overlooked and datang jugak kat Kecemasan & Trauma
even they all cuma demam..oh plsss!!!

I need to wait 2 hours
to get my turn
deymn....sangat lama okay!!!
almost gave up but
check and scan
this time, doc can see the heartbeat and baby are dancing!
yeay..I'm happy
both me and husband oso happy
Tapi kesian husban tak sempat tengok cuz doctor in charge macam kalut je

nevermind, next scan sure will bring husband along!