Friday, December 30, 2011

freaky friday

start my day with a good thing today
but after had my lunch
everything turn up side down

others might facing different but this is me
I don't have any 'alahan' so far, alhamdulillah
but after had my lunch, felt like all of my bones are suddenly gone!
yeah, so macam-macam kan?
today, genap 14 weeks
hope everything is fine until the end
btw, thanks bos
cuz buy us cake..sooo delicious evetho lil' bit sweet
i loike
esok plan nak jalan-jalan PD
yeay...can't wait to spend time with my ♥ love ♥

To others,
Happy Holiday and Happy New Year
so how bout your this year wish list?
me? mission never accomplish
next year, new year come out with new wish list
but of course, I want the baby born with good health & condition
and cute like my husben


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