Tuesday, November 22, 2011

alhamdulillah..I'm getting better

now I'm 9 weeks pregnant

my condition better than few days back
before this, I can't sleep well, felt lazy especially after my lunch time
take short nap a must lately
with my work, I cant let those thing happen to me
no...I can't
time mula2, when I know I was pregnant
tak boleh makan pedas langsung eventho chili sauce
stomach pain bile malam, Allah je yang tahu betapa tidak selesanya aku ketika sakit perut menyerang
my maid already advise me to minum air garam, but I refuse since aku kurang percaya with those thing
but last few day, my mom buatkan air garam..alhamdulillah til this moment, no more stomach paid
eventho I ate spicy food
and I notice, skrg boleh tido lena cket

So far, alhamdulillah....aku belum merasai sebarang alahan
I'm thankful for that
but in future, we know what gonna happen aite?
But all I hope is everything goes well and just fine

Bab makan, aku cepat rase muak dengan makanan yang aku makan
nasi bukan lagi pilihan utama sebagai menu wajib
I need always to remind myself eat in small portion, if aku makan ikut nafsu
alamatnya lesu la aku sepanjang hari

so far, tade special treatment
just makan folic acid provided by doc during my pregnancy test that day
yang lain spt scan, supplement etc will be done after 16 weeks..insyaAllah
nati bile masa yang sesuai, i'll share detik/saat once I know I'm pregnant

Please pray for me!
Hope only the best!

Last but not least, alhamdulillah..Malaysia menang game bola semalam
I'm so proud with Malaysian players..they're superb
eventho Malaysia Supporter not around, but the Spirit....Marvelous
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