Wednesday, July 13, 2011


morning peeps!
what a great morning
hope each and everyone of you
in a great mood too!

Last weekend
Last minute plan
I went to Cameron Highland
Happy sangat
cuz, dh lame tak pergi sebenarnye
last visit to Cameron Highland about 20 years back
with my family..seriously I can't recall or remember anything since my last visit
but I'm sure I been there..hahaha

Day 1
bertolak from KL around 12pm
together with husben, honey and nazry
we stop kejap at R&R Tapah for lunch
and reach Cameron Highland around 3.30pm

we all stayed at Apartment owned by Nazrey's company
(Tanah Rata)
charges? seriously cheap
apartment with 3-bedroom and 2 toilet
fully furnish
for 3 days and 2 nite
it only cost us RM200
the place ok la.. to me, cleanliness is IMPORTANT
they got that!

After unpack our stuff
apa lagi..titon lorrr
after woke-up around 6pm take a shower
then we hangouts kat nite market
we understand the nite market only held twice a week which on Friday and Saturday
while wasting our time there, suddenly hujan lebat
but we're not str8 go back stil lookin around
since hujan..most of the kedai jual barang murah
dengan perasaan tamak and haloba we buy stuff without take any conseq
end up strawbery yang kitaorg beli baru satu malam dh x elok
ingat JIMAT but we totally RUGI!

Sampai apartment
we masak sup sayur
sayur kitaorg beli kat pasar malam
RM10 for 5 type of vege

Day 2
woke up around 9am
xsempat mandi pun we all
gie Bukit Palas if not mistaken
had break1st kat BOH Cafe
superb uolls
serious romantic tempat tue
hirup tea yan segar dengan udara yang nyaman!

after lunch
we all gie jejalan kat
Butterfly Park and Rose Park
Both places kene charge RM5 per entry
worth it? ehemmm

otw back from Park,
we all stop by kat nite market
buy food for our dinner
malam we all just spend time at apartment
watchin Die Hard 4
great movie!!

Day 3
pack up our stuff
otw balek we all stop at
Cactus Shop and pasar
tapau whatever we can tapau
then straight go home

me arrived home safely around 6pm

what a great and memorable trip!

can't wait for the next trip!!!


note : picture will upload later since my camera is not we me now! dh ganti pose 4 hari!!! But more days to go!!! chaiyok!!!