Wednesday, April 6, 2011


this post dedicate to my dearest friend...hanizaa @ hani @ honey

Last few month, honey complaint tak tahan ngan keje dia and try so hard to find new job so that she able to get out from this so-called-hell!

Last month, one of her bestie ask honey to apply job kat one of local bank, today officially dia dapat job tue! Congrats!!! Now she's leaving! yeah I know, leaving for good rite? better offer, better career.. insyaAllah better life..

so much we both been thru for past more than one year.. suka duka.. but its occay, let all the memories safe in our heart.

me and honey

"Hani, org harap our friendship will last long eventho we're no longer working together. Org takkan lupe kenangan bersame Hani. Org anggap Hani seorg kawan yang sangat baik(in other hand we have to accept no one perfect in this world). Org wish Hani all the best. Semoga Hani success dengan kerjaya baru. Thanks for everything. You're such a nice girl and deep inside my heart belive ada hikmah disebalik semua nie. Org sangat bersyukur di beri kesempatan berkenalan ngan Hani.. "

me with Honey and Tya
this picture taken time day out celebrate Imran's Birthday

Me with Honey and Tya
picture taken time Tea-Break @ Chilis

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