Monday, September 20, 2010

H I V . T E S T

Salam Uols!!

Next month on 1st oct Nurul plan nak buat HIV test and nurul ajak gie buat HIV test skali tapi terase too early for me since my wedding lagi 5++ months to go..
Just now, call Klinik Ampang 03-4292223.. tanya prosedur nak buat HIV TEST.. receiver yang pick is sOoOo friendly okey! i loike uols! According to receiver, HIV TEST is on every MONDAY & THURSDAY ONLY! start 2PM and advice to come on time.. receiver siap bagi direction nak pergi Klinik Ampang.. location is at Bandar Baru Ampang and landmark given is SPECTRUM!!
* Map to Klinik Ampang by Google
* senarai klinik yang dikeluarkan oleh JAIS - <--CILICK HERE