Monday, May 30, 2011

hye uolls..hye lovely

tade cite menarik untuk di'hapdet'
weekend without husben around
but spend most of the time working and hangouts with frens

wake up around 9am
break1st with family
then str8 to ofis until 4pm
dh lame tak keje lelame during saturday
nie la akibat cuti lelame time awal bulan
with nurul and her hubby
dinner at Flaming Steamboat at Danau Kota
before that ask them for help to send husben to Bustand
Hubby balek kampung cuz cousin wedding at Kelantan
me..cant ikot since terlalu banyak cuti this month

work oso
but for a while only
alynn p/up at ofis then went for lunch
after lunch ambik mak lynn kat chow kit then we all went to Jakel
shopping kain untuk wedding dress alynn
after that met suzy and k.deeba main bowling @ Flamingo Ampang
makan2 kat octopus @ Ampang Point
reach home at 10pm!